2013Functional Ceramic Workshop 2013 - Exhibition & Workshop

Gay Smith

North Carolina studio potter Gay Smith single fires her porcelain in a soda kiln. She has received a North Carolina Arts Council Visual Arts Fellowship, as well as Regional Artist Project grants. Her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions around the world, and has been featured in Ceramics Monthly magazine. Smith will alter the forms and surfaces of freshly thrown pots, and make lidded forms, attachments, handles and feet.

Ronan Kyle Peterson

A studio potter in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Ronan Kyle Peterson creates brightly colored, thrown and altered forms. His work has been shown in galleries across the country, including AKAR Gallery, Mudfire Gallery and Cedar Creek Gallery, and he has conducted workshops throughout the country. He will throw, alter and assemble a variety of forms, then use slips and terra sigillata to enhance the surfaces.

Dan Finnegan

Virginia ceramist Dan Finnegan trained with Ray Finch at Winchcombe Pottery in England in the late 1970s. Since establishing his own studio in 1980, he has been making salt-glazed and wood-fired stoneware that reflects that British tradition. His work has been featured in exhibitions and publications in the U.S. and the U.K. He will be throwing and finishing pots used for a proper English tea and discussing how his early training in Britain has influenced the work he makes today.